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Brad Pluth, PGA,
Golf Digest Top Young instructor

Brad Pluth golf digest top young teachers
US Kids Master Coach
Brad Puth US Kids Master Kids Teacher



You have what it takes if you are provided a clear path to improvement. We coach a four step process of assessing your current game and skills, aligning your stroke to your natural movement patterns, designing purposeful practice session and guarantee improvement where it matters most, on the course.

We do this through private and small group lessons where we alternate between on-course coaching and purposeful practice sessions.

We’ve coaches golfers from ages 4 to 94 and our only prerequisite is that you have a goal you would like to achieve.

Four ways to start:

  1. Schedule a 15-minute free consultation
  2. Schedule an on-course playing lesson (2.5 hours $120 in a small group or $250 privately)
  3. Schedule a Discovery Session (1.5 hour $149)
  4. Schedule a half day training session which combines all three (4 hours for $400)

Schedule online by clicking here or call or text Brad at 952/401-4653

Allow Brad Pluth’s proven process be your guide to help you
learn, play or compete at golf , 
100% satisfaction guaranteed.


 Coaching and training available at Twin Cities Orthopedics in Eden Prairie (indoor) and Bluff Creek and Deer Run Golf Courses.

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Brad pluth, Pga
Head Coach of the Golf Achievement Community

Allow Brad Pluth’s proven process be your guide to help you learn, play or compete at golf.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Brad has guided over 28,000 golfers since 1998 years and is recognized as a Golf Digest’s Top Young Instructor, US Kids Master Kids Coach, MN PGA Player Development Award Winner, Future Champions Golf Top 50 Elite Junior Golf Coaches.

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