Whether you want to learn to swing, play or compete, we want to be your golfing guide to help you achieve your golfing goals and dreams!

It's our role as coaches to assess, align, design and we guarantee you'll improve!

Are you looking for a lesson or transformation?

Let's be real, you don't want a lesson, you want a golf transformation!  

Do you have a goal to learn the fundamentals, get out on the course for the first time, play in an event or win your personal major? Do you have a scoring goal of breaking 100, 90, 80 or even 70?

 Are you tired of not getting off the first tee? Stubbing chip shots? Three putting? Leaving it in the bunker? What clubs to use? How are you really hitting each club in your bag? Now using the"Pluth Golf Game Plan," discovery your natural movement patterns and have a clear path to improvement. 

What get's measured, get's improved!
There are nine core golf skills and we'll guide you to assess your game and develop the skills you need to achieve you goals.
I've worked with Brad for two years and have gained 25-yards, won my high school conference tournament, contended at the MN State High School Tournament, won my first college tournament and I keep going back to Brad.

Noah Rasinski Concordia University

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Golf Achievement

9 Reason’s Why You Should Choose Brad Pluth's Golf Achievement’s Coaching System:

1. Tailored programs to find your natural movement patterns and most natural, powerful and consistent swing!


2. We help you play without pain! By discovering your natural movement patterns, you can play pain free golf.

3. You will learn there are 9 Essential Golf Skills, 9 Core Golf Shots, 9 Scoring Rules, 9 Tests to create purposeful practice....  It’s not all about your posture, grip and alignment!

4. You will see measurable improvement utilizing simple skills assessments – guaranteed! Track record of progressing
players from all ages and ability levels.

5. You will see how ongoing technology and resources support will enhance your training and understanding.

6. 9 Stroke in 9 Week Golf Transformation Project. We'll help you reach your goal or teach you until you do!


7.  Use drills to provide internal feels, games to provide external target awareness and tests to benchmark improvement nad provide purposeful practice sessions. 

8. We'll teach you the mindset of scoring focused golfer

9. We teach golf where it matters most, on the golf course!

Best Way to Get Started: 9-hole playing lesson

I learned a long time ago that people do not argue with their own data. Let's determine where you are taking strokes on the course and then create an action plan based on your performance. 

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Charlie dropped 31 strokes in one summer, one of six golfers who achieved this amazing feet, and plans on competing on his high school team!


Charlie A. Junior Golfer

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Golf Achievement Charlie A

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