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What does it take to create a quality golf learning environment?

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Learning environments are critical to producing your best golf. 

 I think leraning environments are more than golf balls and clubs. I think you have to have targets that are challenging but attainable. A rule I go by is that if you can't do 3 out of 10, then it's too difficult and need to make the target more easy. If you can achieve 8 out of 10, then the target should be narrowed or the task made more difficult. 
Need to provide feedback whether it's positive or negative through the use of a training aid or skills assessment. Negative feedback may be using the chilliwacker to give you feedback if you are correctly slotting the club. 
Chilliwacker for feedback
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Positive feedback would be a partner telling you achieved your goal, a training aid that snapped at the right time, or a ball going toward your target. 
Need to have a way of assessing your skills and measuring improvement,
Image result for what gets measured gets improved
After a Discovery session, we start most golfers with a skills assessment to identify their strengths and areas of improvment and establish benchmarks. Which ever categories are furthest left, we prioritize and work on first.
Proper use of technology to measure improvement and not just read back numbers like "the face was still open 2 degrees and the path is still swinging inside out four degrees" while useul, you can only manage one thing at a time. Overwhelm occurs when you show the student the screen shot of the 23 parameters your Trackman measures, it should be the instructors role to pick the most important one at a time and coach and achieve results before moving on to a second metric. The use of flight scope, and Ernst & Young distance measuring devices, Blast Motion and Arccos and other technologies, has been easier to measure improvement but it should not be the only feedback device. 
Need to have a post shot routine which is asking three questions: 1. Was it good? 2. Was it great? Does it need work? If it needs work you follow that up with what solution do I need? Simply answer the appropriate question and move on. 
In my next series, I'm going to identify ways of providing feedback with alignment sticks... If you would like to hear about other topics, email me at [email protected], your feedback is always appreciated!
I'll be teaching this spring on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9-3 and 7-5pm Saturdays. 
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