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Messages to successfully build a learning culture for children before, during and after competition/performance

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21-IMG_2582.jpgHere are nine things you should tell your kids and what they want to hear:
  1. "I love watching you play!"
  2. "You can do it!"
  3. "Work hard and try your best."
  4. "Try something new."
  5. "Get back up after you fall."
  6. "Have fun with your teammates and make new friends."
  7. "Try again if you can't do it the first time."
  8. "If what you're doing doesn't work, try anything else."
  9. "Laugh, play, have fun!"

    Laugh, play, have fun is our family rules, welcome to the Golf Achievement family!
One of the things athletes mention 20 years after competing was their lease like part of competing was the ride home. Make sure you allow your athlete to process in their own way. It may be later in the evening, the following morning, or before the next practice.
Here are some post performance questions to ask your athlete to help develop their performance:
  1. Did you try your hardest?
  2. Did you have fun?
  3. Did you feel good?
  4. What did you achieve?
  5. What did you do well?
  6. What are things you can't wait to try next time?
  7. What are you most looking forward to?
Encourage your child to congratulate teammates, give them high-fives, and tell others, "Good job."
Encourage your child to practice and play at home
Athletes need to understand that success means giving your best effort and having fun.
Coaches need to make personal connections with each child and stay focused on giving them a positive experience. Key is finding little successes in everything we do. Bring everything back to find an effort of the stage. Avoid reference to talent or outcome.
Parents need to be positive, positive, positive. Your child's biggest fan. Most importantly, tell them you love, support, and believe in them, regardless of how they perform. It's a lot of them to separate personal value from success and failure and support.

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