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Nine experiments to run to help improve your golf game

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  1. When visualizing, do you see the ball go out leaving your club to the target, or the hole back to your club?
  2. Experiment with your putting grip, left hand low, saw, three finger overlap, looking at the hole, trail hand only etc.
  3. Using an alignment sticks set up close, square, open to the target line and learn to work it back to target.
    Image result for tiger woods experimenting practice
    "My dad and I would go out and experiment who could hit the ball the highest, lowest, who could curve it the most and we played all kids of games." Tiger Woods
    In my opinion, Tiger's curiosity and quest to experiment is what drove him to success.
  4. How much can you hook the ball and stay right of the target?
  5. How much can you slice the ball and stay left of the target?
  6. How low and far can you strike a five iron?
  7. How many different ways can you hit the ball 100-yards and 150-yards?
  8. Jump on a launch monitor and swing at 80% versus full speed. And my experimentation I'm 3 miles an hour faster when I swing hard but my dispersion goes up 20 yards.
  9. Experiment with chipping with different wedges and clubs are on the green and figure out the air to roll ratio with each club. Try a hybrid chip!
For a custom set of experiments, schedule a 90-minute Discovery Session with Brad Pluth by calling 952/401-4653.  

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