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Nines snacks for competitive golfers to carry in their bag.

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 Having trouble finishing off your round? One possible solution is to improve your nutrition and hydration habits and what you drink before, during and after a round of golf. Here are nine recommended consubales.
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  1. Bottle of water should be in everyone's bag. If you really want something cool, try The Yeti bottle
  2. Peanut butter and honey sandwiches cut into squares. I got this from Dr. .
  3. . If you drink Gatorade, drink a quarter fill it up with a quarter filled up with water and that's about the right content.
  4. If you like   trail mix
  5. Fig newtons – I eat these all through college, may not be the best nutrition but it did the job.
  6. For a quick hit of energy try a banana.
  7. If you like crispy, try an apple.
  8. If you like chewy tried beef jerky.
  9. If you like to chew, try mint gum.
Things to avoid consuming while trying to play your best golf.
  1. Nature Valley granola bars
  2. Hotdogs
  3. Hamburgers
  4. Mountain Dew
  5. Monster energy drinks

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