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Why I teach golf for a living

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There are many things that I love about teaching golf. Here in no particular order of the first nine:
  1. Every student is different and unique. I try to train a system that takes unique abilities and mold their natural movement patterns and help them play the game of golf.
  2. When I was learning I was taught how to swing, not to play. Through the help of many mentors including Will Robins, we've developed a system that moves from on-course playing to purposeful practice and back to the course. It's my goal to help people play and enjoy the game of golf, not just hit balls off flat lies on the driving range. 
  3. I love creating learning environments that capture the imagination of golfers.
  4. I love measuring improvement and finding the right metrics that progress golfers along their journey. The score is one thing, but there's other metrics to keep track of.
  5. I love teaching the scoring mindset and psychology of being prepared. Golfers need to know what to think about before during, after an in between shots. This is different and unique for each person but there's a basic framework that they all work through.
  6. Using my economics degree, the deductive analysis and taking things apart and putting them back together more efficiently than they were before justifies my college education.
  7. I love being outside and all conditions, yes including rain. As I age I'm finding it harder to appreciate the cool weather…
  8. I love coaching competitive athletes to achieve their goals and dreams.
  9. I get up in the morning thinking of ways of developing golfers to achieve their goal and dreams.


If you're looking for a way to improve her achieve her goals, call Brad pluth for a free 15 minute consultation at 952-401-4653

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