No More Pain, Physically or Mentally!

BioSwing Dynamics is one of the best approaches to learning and
coaching.  E.A. Tischler and Mike Adams founded the approach to provide
instructors the best possible platform for coaching students to swing in a
manner that matches their body mechanics.  The approach uses screenings
to identify swing characteristics that match the golfers unique body
mechanics.  Throughout the process, BioSwing Dynamics addresses the
Structural, Dynamic and Functional influences with regard to each golfers
body mechanics.  That allows the coach to comprehensively address each
golfers needs.  

Discover Your Best




Backswing track

Power Source


Downswing Slot


Understanding the 3 options that match each feature.

Golf Biomechanics related to Accuracy:
Swing Path Trail Arm Action -  On-Top, Side-On, & Under
Swing TrackTop of Backswing Plane - Low, Mid, & High
Wrist Lever ActionHorizontal, Vertical, & Diagonal
Lever Delivery Action Covering, Cornering, & Extending

Golf Biomechanics related to Power:
Swing Anchor – Posting - Pelvic Pivot Axis - Front Hip, Center Of Gravity, & Rear Hip
Torque System – Lower Body, Full Body, & Upper Body
Clearing Action Front Hip, Tailbone, & Rear Hip
Axis of Symmetry Sternum Line, Center Line, Spine Line

Golf Biomechanics related to Good Feel:
Swing Linkage Impact Linkage - Front, Center, Rear
Swing SlottingDelivery Plane Down-Slotting (Hip-Plane), Cross-Slotting Torso-
Plane), & Plane-Slotting (Shoulder-Plane)
Postural Release Stand-Up, Post-Up, & Rotate-In
Arc ManagementNarrow-Wide, Deep-Deep, Wide-Narrow

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