Coaching for results

Monthly, Semester and Year-Round Coaching Program

Designed for intermediate golfers with the desire to compete in tournaments and compete at the high school level. Program focuses on mastering the nine core shots, on-course strategy and purposeful practice.

2016 Results

*22 players competed in State Tournaments

*86 Tournament Wins

*Six students dropped 30+ strokes

*82 students recorded their  lowest score ever achieved

*12 players off to college this year, 31 total golfers 

*Two guys turned professional

Here is how we get results... We play, assess, train & repeat.


Train to play is designed to build the skills golfers need to feel comfortable on the course. 

We will start with a facility tour, how to make a tee time, what equipment  is nice to have and need to have. We'll look at the tools needed to play the game, how to play the five most common shots in a fun and relaxed environment. 

We play games, learn skills and even get out on the golf course!

Skills Assessment

In looking at a database of over a million rounds, I wanted to know what the top 10 most common shots were, luckily there was no statistical difference between nine and ten shots and wanting to keep it simple, I choose nine.

Below you will find a sample benchmarking test to identify the best program for you and the skills that you need to work on to shoot the score you want to shoot. 

Don't worry if you haven't played, this is a benchmarking tool to help you understand the skills you need to achieve your goals. 


Purposeful Practice

Looking to transfer your range game to the course?

If you invest your time applying the 1/3 rule, you'll start to make significant gains in your game!

Practice should be broken into:

  • 1/3 mechanics and internal feels which may include training aids
  • 1/3 working on tempo with thoughts on an external target (not what you're body is doing) and creating shots with shape and trajectory.
  • 1/3 simulating play, chaning clubs and targets ever 1-3 shots. These are usually measurable games.
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Two Ways To Get Started

No obligation trail lesson- call or text Brad at 952/401-4653

Private 90-minute Discovery Session 

Monthly, 12 week, and year round coaching available.