The Power of Yet…

I haven’t mastered my golf swing… Yet. I haven’t mastered very ability… Yet. I haven’t mastered my bunker shots… Yet. noticed that these sentences are very different than saying I haven’t mastered my bunker shots. In order to develop a growth mindset and continuous learning, at DSG your full cabbie Larry and I think you’ll have more fun playing all!

I’ve been reading through “Be a Player” by Pia Nillson and Lynn Marriott (highly recommend!) and they referenced another book “Mindset” by Carol Dweck. They both talk about the importance of a growth mindset when learning.

How to Develop Athletes Without all the Frustration

A discussion over the web involving Brad Pluth, Mark Walker, and guest mother Robin. They discuss parents, Young athletes, and the interactions between them, offering answers to questions from their own experience.