Winter 2019 

Witner Programs for juniors and adults

Coaching For Golfers With Goals

Brad Pluth’s Golf Achievement guides golfers to set and achieve worthwhile goals.

We train golfers and families to achieve their golfing goals. We start by assessing your current skill level, design an improvement program and guarentee improvement

Private Coaching

Ideal start is with a 90-Minute Discovery Session where we will look at your Natural Movement Patterns, and assess your current skills to build an improvement plan.

Adult Small Group Coaching

Winter small Group Coaching at Twin Cities Orthopedics in Eden Prairie. Assess your skills, play game to develop target awareness, perform drills to develop feel, and exercises to develop awareness. There is also a simulator to play a few holes and learn course strategy.


Your equipment should compliment your game, not complicate it. We fit for every club in your bag, and sometimes the bag too! We partner with PING, Callaway, SeeMore Putters, and US Kids. We also have a partnership with 2nd Swing and will help you find what you need at a budget you can afford. 

Train to Learn

8-12 year olds
Saturdays 9-10am
Games, drills and exercises to make golf fun and entertaining. Get your kid hooked on golf!

$200 for 10 Sessions


Train to Compete

Signature high school preparation program for 12-18 year olds.
Session to include:
*Developing Scoring Mindset
*Chip, Pitch and Lob Shots
*Full Swing
*Course Management
*Speed Development and Fitness

Tuesday and Thursdays 6:45-8:15pm


One Session $60
Five Sessions $250
10 Sessions $400
Unlimited $800 (one per day)


90-Minute Classes for Adults

1-3 Credits $50/credit

4-12 Credits $45/Credit

13+ Credits $40/Credit


90 Minute Classes for Youth

1-4 Credits $50/credit

5-12 Credits $45/Credit

13+ Credits $40/Credit

60-Minute Classes

1-4 Credits $30/credit

5-12 Credits $25/credit

13+ Credits $20


90-Minute Credits May Be Used For:

30-MInute Private Lesson 

90-Minute Small Group Coaching

Sunday Purposeful Practice Sessions



What does a typical session look like?

Most junior coaching sessions will start with a 15 minute scoring mindset performance psychology session. I will then break off into one of eight stations and they won’t go through their performance journal to track their progress at each station.
Station 1: Short putting
Station 2: Chipping
Station 3: Distance Putting
Station 4: Pitching
Station 5: Speed Training 
Station 6: Fitness 
Station 7: Full Swing
Station 8: Course Management and Oakh in Simulator
There are different games, drills and exercises at each station each week. 
They will have personal improvement plans and benchmark their improvement. 

What do I bring to class?

Bring your golf clubs, tennis shoes or golf shoes (no spikes) and workout gear. Fitness Classes will incorporate speed training and stretching.


Can I do this with a friend or teammate?

Yes, team discounts of 10% if you bring more than two golfers.

What is fitness training?

We use SuperSpeed Sticks and do several other exercises to do develop speed. 

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes, 10% off for more than one child for each student. 

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