Short Game Secrets

If you are getting ready to play, make your last look your target, not your landing point!

My son has focused on this and has holed out from 100-yards, 135-yards, 30-yards and 15-yards this week!

I’ve had other golfers chip it a lot closer, pitch it a lot closer, drive it more fairways and have more control over their golf ball!

This really works!

Enjoy the process and remember to focus on what you want, rather than what you want to avoid!

Play golf Minnesota!

How long should a golf improvement program last?

In order to identify your natural movement patterns and own them, develop a scoring mindset, learn how to practice your whole game with purpose, develop the on-course strategy you need to play your best, how long will it take?

A) One hour
B) Half day
C) Three-day golf school
D) Three months
E) Lifetime

If you answered A, one hour, I’m simply not the instructor or coach you are looking for. I enjoy developing relationships with my clients and it’s not feasible to give you everything you need in one hour.

If you answered B, half day, we could do a warm-up, play nine holes, benchmark your skills, identify your natural movement patterns and give you a roadmap to follow to develop your game.

IF you answered C, three-day golf school, we’re getting closer…

If you answered D, three months, this is where I would ideally start golfers in order to develop the scoring mindset, on-course skills, purposeful practice session and own your natural movement patterns and golf swing.
If you answered E, golf is a game you can learn and improve over a lifetime, you are my ideal student. Now you don’t have to take a lesson every week for the rest of your life, I’d like to be your guide to help you achieve your golfing goals.

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