Driving Secret… A Golf KISS

If you are looking to drive the ball farther and in more fairways, you may need to take a lesson from my 11-year old son who hasn’t missed a fairway in 27-holes… I’m not kidding!
Brody is 11 and has played Rush Creek and Deer Run and hasn’t missed a fairway… He’s been realtively long averaging 190-210 yards per drive, remember he’s 11 years old…
His current keys… look at the target, build his stance, focus on the strike point and let it go.
Pretty simple…
He’s still enamored by the long ball and hopefully his wedges and putter will catch up… Until then, look at the target, build his stance, focus on the strike point and let it go.

Keep It Simple Silly!

From the ghost writer… Brody Pluth via his proud dad!

Better date this because I’m sure he’ll go through an opposite stretch soon enough…

How long should a golf improvement program last?

In order to identify your natural movement patterns and own them, develop a scoring mindset, learn how to practice your whole game with purpose, develop the on-course strategy you need to play your best, how long will it take?

A) One hour
B) Half day
C) Three-day golf school
D) Three months
E) Lifetime

If you answered A, one hour, I’m simply not the instructor or coach you are looking for. I enjoy developing relationships with my clients and it’s not feasible to give you everything you need in one hour.

If you answered B, half day, we could do a warm-up, play nine holes, benchmark your skills, identify your natural movement patterns and give you a roadmap to follow to develop your game.

IF you answered C, three-day golf school, we’re getting closer…

If you answered D, three months, this is where I would ideally start golfers in order to develop the scoring mindset, on-course skills, purposeful practice session and own your natural movement patterns and golf swing.
If you answered E, golf is a game you can learn and improve over a lifetime, you are my ideal student. Now you don’t have to take a lesson every week for the rest of your life, I’d like to be your guide to help you achieve your golfing goals.

Call me at 952/401-4653 to schedule a time or for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

The Power of Yet…

I haven’t mastered my golf swing… Yet. I haven’t mastered very ability… Yet. I haven’t mastered my bunker shots… Yet. noticed that these sentences are very different than saying I haven’t mastered my bunker shots. In order to develop a growth mindset and continuous learning, at DSG your full cabbie Larry and I think you’ll have more fun playing all!

I’ve been reading through “Be a Player” by Pia Nillson and Lynn Marriott (highly recommend!) and they referenced another book “Mindset” by Carol Dweck. They both talk about the importance of a growth mindset when learning.

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