Confidence and Building Yourself

Confidence and Building Yourself

By, Brad Pluth

Inspiring goal. Olympics, major, scoring, sales goal

Perspective on failure/feedback. Wha to work on

A clear path of action

Mastery process mindset

Know and recreate optimal states

1..mental - focus, concentration, self-talk

Physical- balance, Tempo, rhythm, tension

Emotional- content, happy, frustrated, emotional resilience, bounce back ability, energy management, confidence


3 keys to mastering mental game

  1. know what optimal is

  2. 2. Know how you lose it. 

  3. Know how to get back to an optimal state. Identify if you are above and below. Jump rope and hit  and get back down



Exte Hal focus for advanced students

Being happy or neutral 

Discover Pre shot program visual or feel. Test different states

Playbox and think box

Test timing, speed it up and slow it down, or real time. 



Post shot reaction- positive or negative

If you get emotional about bad shots you’re telling your brain to remember that one. Be neutral after bad shot. Follows evolution process... think about what you want to become...

Break the habit, interrupt the pattern. Get them to do something else after the shot like count to ten after the shot, Hum, sing a song... Encourage them to become a witness to themselves. Be your own best caddy. 

Change state by breathing, move differently, stretch your body, imagine you are a champion, lighter grip pressure. 



Ways to increase your focus- breath aim small, Miss small. 



Create confidence by... clear on what they can prepare and do. Self awareness and self-confidence. 

Confidence- belief in your ability to execute a shot. Belief in your ability to play better and win.